The Notorious B.I.G. “Juicy (Remix)” (1994)

Album: "Juicy" Single

Label: Bad Boy/Arista

Pete Rock: “That was a song I contributed for his album, and I ended up doing the remix. I just basically took the same elements and made my own drums and used the loop, but just the Rhodes part of it, not the beat. It turned out to be cool, because it was ill to hear him on a hip-hop version of it.

“I got a chance to meet [Biggie]. I invited him to my house, and that’s my great memory of him. He was funny. I was playing beats for him, and he’d be writing constantly. He does that. [Biggie and I once] recorded a promo for radio back in the days, where I had the drum machine hooked up at Marley Marl’s house. I had the beat playing and he started freestyling to it.

“If he was still alive, he would be the king with all the money. No disrespect to anyone out there getting their paper, but [he would be on top].”