Pete Rock & Large Professor “In The World” (1996)

Album: High School High: The Soundtrack

Label: Big Beat/Atlantic

Pete Rock: “We collaborated on that. I came up with the bass line and the drums, and he came up with all the other stuff you hear on it. The ‘in the world’ and the person screaming. I had a good feel for the beat, so I was intrigued to rhyme on it. We went back and forth. I thought it would be a good idea to do it like that.

“I did Menace II Society, Poetic Justice, and The Fan with Robert De Niro. Atlantic Records put [High School High] out. I did some work with Atlantic, and I was pretty familiar with all the people up there, and I think that [placement] just came from me having a track record of being on soundtracks.

“We never performed together a lot out there like that. We just did the song because we were having fun with the music. It was more of a hang out thing.”