Pete Rock & CL Smooth “I Got A Love” (1994)

Album: The Main Ingredient

Label: Elektra

Pete Rock: “I make beats in abundance. All the time, I used to be in the house all day, making beats from morning until it’s time to go to bed. Whatever was there, CL picked, and we made something out of it. I just added sprinkles on top of it to make it what it is, scratches and so forth, and came up with [‘I Got A Love’]. We did the video in Jamaica, so that was fun.

“A close friend of ours that used to work with us suggested that we put that out as the first single. I kinda went with it, even though I felt we could have put out another single off of that album [first], like ‘Take You There’ or something else from [The Main Ingredient]. It’s all good though, it is what it is. It’s all good music.

“There’s nothing better than coming to the source and re-doing it, but I respect the fact that everybody knows what that sample is and who used it, and [Jay Electronica, Jay-Z, and The-Dream] brought it back and flipped it [on ‘Shiny Suit Theory’]. That’s dope. I like to hear stuff like that.”