Whether Or Not She Tried To Rob Yung Berg

Kreayshawn: “That was a joke. We were just goofing off during All Star Weekend. There was a whole bunch of different kind of people walking around and me and my [friends] were just hyped up. We were playing around because Yung Berg has been robbed hella times. It was just funny because of how many times he’s been robbed. And a couple of times I’ve had folks see him and be like, ‘Yeah, he looks like a sucker.’ But we were just playing around, it wasn’t like I was about to take his chain. That shit probably ain’t even real.

“Not to say that we were about to go do that to anybody, but that is just something we think about because of where we come from. Like, ‘Ha, It’s Yung Berg, let’s snatch his chain!’ Like, I ain’t no dork. I’ve never snatched someone’s chain. I’m not about to just put myself on front street. But shit happens. Didn’t Waka Flocka just get his chain snatched by some broad? And she was like, ‘Yeah, we snatching all the chains off of everyone!’ They just do that shit. But I would never snatch Waka’s chain, I love him.”

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