On Not Using The N-Word

Kreayshawn: “I don’t use [the n-word] at all. It’s not in my vocabulary, especially not my everyday vocabulary. I’ll say it if I’m quoting or I’ll say it if I’m making fun of somebody else who is saying it. But Vanessa [a.k.a. V-Nasty] was raised different. She’s done a lot of stuff, you know?

“It’s different out here in the Bay Area. A Mexican will call an Asian person that. An Asian person will call a black person that. A black person will call a white person that and a white person will call him that back and it’s all good. You don’t think twice. It’s just another form of slang out here. People will say it, just like people will say “blood” and “cuz” in the same sentence out here.

“If you go anywhere else it’s a racial thing, because of that I don’t use it. I was on Twitter the other day and I said it quoting DMX. I even said it in the Tweet, ‘DMX voice.’ But since that ‘Gucci Gucci’ video there were bloggers picking it up and writing about it. That’s something that I don’t want to get all misconstrued.

“I told Vanessa, ‘If we’re going to be in the public eye all the time, you either need to know what you’re going to say when people ask you that or make it sound smart. Instead of just being like ‘Yeah, everybody call me that. I don’t give a fuck.’’ But I’m pretty sure Vanessa’s not going to bite her tongue for anybody. And I’m not going to bite my tongue for anybody. But just to say it? No."