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Her Mixtape Kittys X Choppas

Kreayshawn: “Most of those songs I already had previously, just because I’ve always been rapping. I’m like Lil B, I have thousands of freestyles for me and my friends to listen to. I have songs about working at Ikea that me and my friend made that we weren’t putting out. That was kind of what Kittys X Choppas was, a collection of me goofing off, but just more recent goofing off. It’s about feeling good, expressing yourself, and saying whatever you want to say.

“I always appreciate DJ Woogie. He was on Soulja Boy’s mixtapes and a whole bunch of other people’s mixtapes, and he did mine for free. He didn’t have to do that at all. I put a lot of work into it, trust me. But it was a lot of little things that other people did that made it to where it is and made it such a strong foundation that I can go get signed for just putting one video out.”