“Gucci Gucci” and Her Upcoming Project Left Eye

Kreayshawn: “That was made a couple of months ago and it was the point where we were taking everything really serious, no more goofing off and freestyling. We got our team together and we all worked on it. It’s not really to say ‘Fuck Louis’ or ‘Fuck Gucci.’ I have a Louis belt. Basically, it’s saying don’t let the labels make you who you are. Sprinkle it in there, but have your own style. At the same time we did that song, we made four other songs that aren’t out yet.

“Right now people are kind of confused. People don’t even know if ‘Gucci Gucci’ is real or not. We didn’t know it was going to be like this. We put it up, and when it hit 20,000 we were like, ‘Oh shit, 20,000!’ Then you read the comments and people are like, ‘We can’t tell if this is real or not. Is this some crazy Rebecca Black viral video gone hip-hop?’

“It’s something that people can’t comprehend. That’s why we just keep letting everyone watch it until it makes sense. I really want to put out another video and get something out as soon as I can to show that this isn’t a fake, and this is something really real that we can all have.

“It wasn’t like ‘Gucci Gucci’ came out and there was nothing behind that. There’s a whole bunch of videos and songs you can find. I think that’s what draws people in, because they can watch ‘Gucci Gucci’ and be like, ‘I don’t like this.’ But then look on my Youtube page and I’m a director. Then they’re like, ‘Oh I respect her, she’s a director. I love what she does directing.’ Or ‘I saw her graphic design. I love what she does with that.’

“If people love ‘Gucci Gucci’ then they’re really going to love Left Eye. There’s only a couple people who know about it, but they know that’s a hard hit right there. It went from being an album to a mixtape. We have to wait a couple days to figure out what we’re doing with everything. Whatever it’s deemed—an album or a mixtape—it’s going to be coming out fairly soon. We’ve got everyone’s ear and we want to stuff something in it while we have it.”