In a matter of mere weeks, Natassia "Kreayshawn" Zolot has become a viral sensation who went from Internet oddity to possible million dollar signee. Her infectious anti-consumer anthem "Gucci Gucci" was posted on Youtube two weeks ago and already it's racked up nearly 1.5 million page views and counting.

Thanks to its success, Kreayshawn (pronounced Kray-shawn, a play on the word creation) has been courted by every major label and is rumored to have signed to Sony. But who is Kreayshawn?

We got on the horn with the 21-year-old California native to find out (though, you can always hit her Twitter, Tumblr, and Youtube page to get to know her better). We talked to her about everything from how she got into making music and directing videos, to why she doesn't agree with what Nicki Minaj represents, to her sexual orientation.

She also broke down the message behind "Gucci Gucci," her White Girl Mob comrades Lil Debbie and V-Nasty, and her relationship with Lil B and Odd Future. And of course there's the time she tried to rob Yung Berg...

As told to Insanul Ahmed (@Incilin)