Story of The Week: Joe Budden Puts Esther Baxter on Blast

Jump-off Joe Budden had a drama-filled week after breaking up with his video-vixen girlfriend Esther Baxter due to her allegedly cheating on him with Houston Texans running back Derrick Ward. First he dropped "Ordinary Love Shit Pt. 3" on Monday where he aired out all of Esther’s infidelities.

Then on Tuesday, Joey and Esther had a heated, ugly battle over Twitter. According to Budden, Ward Direct Messaged him on Twitter and claimed he had no idea Baxter was pregnant, that they always used protection, and even offered to three-way-call her to straighten everything out. Joe Budden declined the call, but the damage was done. In a related story, it was such a slow news week that this break-up was the most interesting thing that happened. [Sigh.]

Song of The Week: Jeezy f/ Freddie Gibbs "Stripes (Run D MC)"

Freddie gibbs jeezy

A month after Freddie Gibbs announced his new alliance with Young Jeezy’s CTE, the two have released their first collaborative effort. Jeezy may need a few of these to get back to where he once was, but this is definitely a solid start to a new era at CTE.

Jeezy f/ Freddie Gibbs "Stripes (Run D MC)"

Video of The Week: Someone tells "Thank You Based God" On Fox News

Despite Lil B’s theories of peace and non-violence, at least one of his supporters was in the crowd during a taping of FOX News Sunday celebrating the death of Osama Bin Laden. Lil B’s most-famous phrase may have come back to haunt him as “Thank you Based God” can be heard loud and clear in this video.

Win of The Week / Fail of The Week

birdman robbed bangladesh

On Friday, consumers won big when Amazon MP3 released a list of popular songs to be offered now for only $0.69. That’s nearly half the price of iTunes, which charges $1.29 for some of the same songs. With digital music distributors desperate to move units, we, the people, are making off like bandits. No complaints here. Marking off another tally in the loss column this week is Bangladesh. The beat-maker—who still hasn’t been paid for Lil Wayne’s “A Milli”—is back singing the same tune, this time claiming he wasn't paid for Lil Wayne’s “6 Foot 7 Foot.” We’d feel bad but, as the saying goes, if you get fooled twice it’s shame on you. Looks like YMCMB stands for Your Money’s Cash Money’s, Bangladesh.

Tweet of The Week: Snoop Tells Ron Artest & Lamar Odom To Take Gasol To Rucker Park

Artest n odom need 2 take gasol ass 2 the rucker n the off season so he can get sum hood n his game! We vulnerable w him playn that soft!!less than a minute ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® Favorite Retweet Reply


Quote of The Week: Domo Genesis Shouts Out Complex On Tyler's "Windows"
open quote marks

It was all a dream, I used to read Complex Magazine.

open quote marks
Pic of The Week: Kanye West Chills With R. Kelly In Paris

kanye west r kelly

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Number of The Week: How much did Birdman's maybach exelero cost?

birdman maybach 8 million
After boasting about his new whip’s price tag last week, reports surfaced on Wednesday that Birdman’s Maybach Exelero did indeed set him back a cool $8 million. If the car looks familiar to you, it might be because you saw it featured in Jay-Z’s video for “Lost One” (is this further retaliation for Jigga’s “baby money” line?). We’re not surprised Birdman has money to blow, especially when he’s skimping on royalty payments.

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