Favorite song: “Brand New”

Wale: “It changed music, for real. Nobody’s been able to balance melody and consistent raps that well since Lauryn Hill. And it’s a completely different vibe than Lauryn, but the dude proved to everybody that he could rap with the best of them, sing, and make great records that connect with the people. Every song on there is an amazing record.

“I remember talking to Drake for an hour the day before he dropped that mixtape. I was on my way to Australia for the Good Vibrations Festival, and we had an emergency landing in Hawaii. We talked and I just knew like, ‘Young’n is going to blow up after this mixtape.’ He was like, ‘Man, what do you think people are going to say? I’m singing a lot on there.’ I said, ‘Dog, you’re making good records though. You’re singing but you’re making good records.’ You can’t deny good records, it doesn’t matter. Fucking Andre 3000 can wear a yarmulke with fireworks on it, if he’s making good songs, nobody says anything.”

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