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Produced by: Stargate

Wiz Khalifa: “I made that in the middle of me being on tour. We were out in L.A. and I was just trying to get some work done and just be normal. There was a lot going on and I was trying keep working on the album. That was the main goal, to stay busy and not slack off. Being on tour every day and still trying to get the album done was kinda difficult, but it was something that I had to adapt to.

“I did that in pieces. I recorded the hook in L.A. in November. In the session when I did ‘Roll Up’ in New York working with Stargate, that’s when I recorded the verses to that. They chopped the hook up and made it what it is now because I usually do a lot of parts. So Stargate put that together, made the hook what it is, and then I just knock the verses out.

“The sing songiness really just comes from everything being catchy when you sing it. [The hooks are] really the first thing I think about when I put a beat on. You can sing walking down the street four times and that’s a song. I just made that a part of what I do. I can make rap hooks, but I’d rather just sing something that’s gonna stick. And being from Pittsburgh and the Midwest and growing up listening to a lot of Bone and a lot of West Coast music, that’s most of my influence. It’s to just sing and make harmonic hooks and I’ve developed my own style over the years. I have a rap style and a singing style.”

Tor Erik Hermansen Of Stargate: “The music is almost like a lullaby. If you listen to just the music alone before it kicks off, it’s like hypnotic, really mellow, and chilled out. And then we threw some hard drums on it. So we wanted to have that contrast between the really soft and beautiful and the hard-hitting beat.

”It’s interesting that Wiz started talking about it almost being like a dream, and that he doesn’t want to wake up. So I just thought that was really clever how he just kind of went with how the track felt, and built the lyrical concept around what we had thought about when we made the track.

"We always put bridges on our beats, and I think he knew that after the second chorus something had to happen. He did the hook first, then he did his verses, and pretty much after that it’s smooth sailing. He knows what he’s doing on that bridge.”

Zvi Edelman (Vice President Of A&R, Atlantic Records): “He started in a studio in L.A. and he wrote the hook, but if I remembered correctly, the people that owned the studio wouldn’t let him smoke in the studio. So, the vibe got really dead and he was just kinda like, ‘I don’t really wanna finish this record right now.’

”That was like the only time ever that I got Stargate to send beats. I wouldn’t normally even ask because I feel like it’s disrespectful, but we wanted to keep the process moving while he was on the road so they gave me a few tracks and we just loved that it had little rubs on the kicks and it had a cool vibe to it. He didn’t touch it for a little while.”

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