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Produced by: Stargate

Wiz Khalifa: “That was one of the last songs that I did for the album. That was just based off of how good ‘Black and Yellow’ was doing and what I felt like the next single should be. I felt like by the time the album was coming out and by the time we would be releasing ‘Roll Up,’ it would be pretty warm and people would want something to play outside during spring break and stuff like that. I figure something for that and also something for the chicks. You can never lose when you do a song for the chicks.

“Usually I go hard on females, not really badmouthing them, but not really talking about too much good shit. So I wanted to have a lighter approach and of course play off the weed thing, and keep it consistent for what people know me for. Stargate had given me that beat before in the past. When I was on the tour bus and I listened to it, I didn’t really have any ideas for it so I kinda let it go. But when it came back up, immediately I sat there and thought about some ideas. I came up with ‘Roll Up.’ and I recorded the whole song that day.”

Tor Erik Hermansen Of Stargate: “He came through and he was like, ‘I need some more.’ Sometimes we have artists coming in, and they get one hit and leave. But Wiz said, ‘I need that sound. I love what we did together on ‘Black And Yellow,’ and I feel good about it. So let’s see if we can knock another one out. Also, a lot of people would maybe take out that bridge, and be like, ‘Nah, we can’t have a bridge. This is rap, we don’t use bridges.’ He was like, ‘That’s another exciting part. Let me fuck with that.’”

Mikkel S. Eriksen Of Stargate: “He was laying harmonies. He was doing all that shit. Very open. If you give him a suggestion then he’ll go in and try it.”

Benjy Grinberg (Executive Producer and CEO of Rostrum Records): “That was during our second session with Stargate, and it was the last song they did together. And I knew that we had the first single, which was obviously ‘Black And Yellow.’ We had the third main single which was going to be ‘No Sleep.’ And we had what I thought was the fourth single, which was ‘Fly Solo.’ But we didn’t have a second single, to me and to Zvi.

”So we went into Stargate’s studio, and I took Wiz aside, and I gave him like, basically a little pep talk, where I said, ‘Look dude, we’re getting towards the end of our time to record the album, and I feel like we’re missing a second single. A song that can go right after ‘Black And Yellow,’ but is still more slightly rhythmic, urban than a song like ‘No Sleep,’ and possibly something for the ladies.’

”He looked at me, and he was like, ‘I got you.’ Really, in the whole course of making the album, that was really the only time where I had to say ‘This is the type of song that we need.’ And literally within an hour and a half he had written all of ‘Roll Up.’ And we were sitting there stunned.

”The president of Warner/Chappell, Scott Francis, happened to be in the studio with us that night, just there to say ‘Hi’ to Wiz while he was in town, and he happened to be there during the hour that Wiz made the whole song. He literally just went in and did the whole thing, including the bridge where he sings, and all sorts of stuff. [Scott Francis] was like, ‘I just witnessed history.’”

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