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Produced by: E. Dan

Wiz Khalifa: “That’s totally personal and I just feel like that’s a good song for people to connect with. Anybody who’s about 16 and up has been through some kind of break-up. So I thought it was time for me to do something like that and just be 100% vulnerable. If you listen to the lyrics, you just hear a more caring side.

“It was just really really personal and compiled a whole bunch of different feelings because it’s not just one situation. It’s a lot of different things that I was able to put together and make it sound like one. None of them were as serious as ‘Get Your Shit,’ but it was like that’s the feeling and that’s the emotion.”

E. Dan: “He definitely used to write early on and I think he felt that stuff was a little more stale, just reciting something that he knew. Now, he likes to keep a certain vibe to what he’s doing. He seems to be real aware of the feeling of any given line or verse. That’s really what he shoots for. He’s gotten more comfortable with doing what he can do off the top of his head. Actually, writing something down and trying to memorize it comes out more recited than [it would] off the top of his head.

Big Jerm: “We were recording for two weeks at the end of August and E had made the beat in Pittsburgh and emailed it to me. I played it in the studio out there and everybody loved it. I engineer and record his vocals for a lot of his sessions. I did all of the ones except for the ones with Stargate.

“Wiz doesn’t write stuff down anymore. He hasn’t for over a year. He’ll just get in the booth with some songs, he’ll have a melody in his head and he’ll hum it, and I’ll just record that. He’ll go back to it and kind of fill the words in as he goes. He just comes up with the melody first, as far as the hook goes. He’ll do a few bars and he’ll keep smoking and thinking about the next line.

“If there are parts he doesn’t like, he might punch in a bar just to fix it or go straight through. It depends on the vibe. Sometimes he wants it a little choppy, or sometimes he wants it just smooth, straight through. I think most of [the songs on the album] were chopped up, really.