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Produced by: E. Dan

Wiz Khalifa: “In my working process, I’m usually up late and the only thing on TV at night usually be like VH1, so I’m watching pop and rock all the time. I usually watch the regular VH1 and the classic rock one. I’d be listening to those songs and learning how they sequence, put them together, and write them.

”It inspired me and made me wanna make my own identifiable songs like that. A song that people can accept and know that that’s me. I wanted to write a song where it’s got a pre-chorus, a bridge, and I’m still rapping like myself. I wanted to just combine all those elements and make that perfect rap, pop, and rock song."

E. Dan: “That’s actually a really old song. There’s a version that had leaked on the Internet a while ago. It was an older song that he had always kept around that everybody really loved. We went back to it and made some changes for the album and updated it a little bit.”

Benjy Grinberg (Executive Producer and CEO of Rostrum Records): “E had been messing around on the guitar, and playing those chords, and put a little beat behind it. Wiz came in the studio and heard it, and pretty much in a very, very short time, he wrote that song.”

Zvi Edelman (Vice President Of A&R, Atlantic Records): “That’s the record that really got me chasing after him. Benji sent me the record and he was like, ‘Yo, can’t really have you play this for anyone, but I really just want you to know that he can really sing. Not auto-tune sing he can really sing.’ So he sent me that and I was so hyped off of it. If you listen to the leak and the post-leak, the one that’s on the album is much more complete. Different baselines.”