Producer: Warren Mayes
Album: "Get It Girl" Single
Label: Manicure

Bred in the Iberville projects, Warren Mayes was a fixture on the local rap scene for much of the '80s, rocking parties and records with a laid-back flow. "Get It Girl," his biggest hit, swiped its title and concept from a 2 Live Crew classic, but inverted their fast-paced booty shake to a distinctly NO swing. When the record gained traction locally, Atlantic Records picked it up in 1991, making him the first New Orleans rapper with a major deal. Though the track didn't exactly make Warren a national star, he would later ease into a mentor position in the New Orleans hip-hop community, working closely with Soulja Slim in the early part of his career. Like Slim, Warren's life ended on a tragic note—he was shot and killed after leaving a club in 1999.