Producer: Gregory Duvernay
Album: "We Destroy" Single
Label: 4-Sight

When local party-rocking trio the Ninja Crew signed to Miami's 4-Sight Records, they became the first New Orleans rappers to release a record. With its "Mary Had a Little Lamb" beatbox, "We Destroy" might not be the most representative of the then still-forming New Orleans sound—in fact it's close to indistinguishable from many bass records that the label was releasing at the time—but it was a launchpad for some of the scene's more relevant players. MC Gregory D would go on to link up with a young DJ named Mannie Fresh to form a duo and sign to RCA, DJ Baby T formed a similar group with an MC named Devious D, and MC Sporty T became a solo bounce star in his own right, crafting early classics like "Sporty Talkin Sporty." Sporty's story ended tragically when he was gunned down in a FEMA trailer in 2008.