Producer: J. Diamond Washington
Album: N/A
Label: Lamina

Prior to being crowned the first lady of No Limit, Mia X had a fledgling career on the bounce circuit. Her first 12", "Payback," was a loose response to DJ Jimi's "Suck a nigga dick for a pork chop" chant. As producer J. Diamond Washington rocks "Brown Beats" and bounces back and forth between James Brown's Black Caesar score and John Carpenter's Halloween (a Southern rap staple if there ever was one), Mama Mia runs down a list of demands from an explicitly feminist perspective. It was a particularly smart, agenda-driven, and perhaps even conscious record at a time when most of her peers were still just focused on developing catchy chants. Even at this early point in her career, it hints at her future as one of the greatest female MCs of all-time (and, for everywhere, but New Orleans, one of the most underappreciated).