Producer: O'Dell
Album: Shell Shocked
Label: No Limit

As much as a No Limit affiliation did for artists commercially, the Tank had a tendency to flatten personalities. Distinctive local talents like Fiend, Magic, and Mia X were all shoehorned into the Beats by the Pound's singular aesthetic template, often at a slight expense to whatever sound they were developing before P came back to town. Nowhere is this more evident than in the case of Mac. After outgrowing his roots in a Mannie Fresh–cosigned kiddie-rap project (then he was known as Lil Mac), Mac was evolving into something of a Southern Nas before he linked up with the label, running with the crew Psychoward and producing what would sonically be best described as backpack rap. When he landed on No Limit, the sound changed, but the talent transcended, as evidenced on "Slow Ya Roll."