Producer: Mannie Fresh/Sinista
Album: Tha Carter/Keep It Gutta
Label: Cash Money/B Real

Lil Wayne "Go DJ"


For all their underground success, UNLV split unceremoniously before Cash Money signed the Universal deal that propelled the label to national fame. Years later the next generation of Cash Money would rub UNLV's faces in the split as Wayne swiped the hook and title for their then-bubbling underground hit "Go DJ." These types of homages are certainly not uncommon in their scene, but given the context it's hard to read it as anything but a slight. It's especially funny how Wayne managed to turn a purely positive party song—UNLV's version kindly suggests, "Don't you bring no weapons, knifes, and guns," and espouses the value of music as a universal peacemaker—into one about wielding army guns and cutting the heads off proverbial snakes. But both songs are classics in very different ways, UNLV's as an innocuous but incredibly effective party starter and Wayne's as a cutthroat lyrical display. (Adding insult to injury, Wayne would later also rap on the original "Go DJ" beat on his Dedication 2 tape. Leaving behind just residue and bones, indeed.)