Producer: MC Dart & KLC
Album: Uptown
Label: Parkway Pumpin

When bounce music first hit New Orleans in the early '90s, the rest of the nation was fascinated by the rise of N.W.A and gangsta rap. NOLA was no exception, and it was only a matter of time before the sound of the city combined with the themes of the hip-hop nation. The fusion caught on like wildfire and eventually provided the blueprint for the late-century stars that came out of the Cash Money camp. Lil' Elt's "Get the Gat" is one of the stronger early gangsta bounce records, with Elt instructing every ward to reach for his weapon of choice over future No Limit producer KLC's melange of NWA vocals, Black Sheep's "Choice Is Yours" bassline, and Cameron Paul's formative bounce break, "Brown Beats." KLC's Parkway Pumpin imprint also dropped 3-9 Posse's similarly charged gangsta bounce classic "Ask Dem Hoes," as well as the earliest tapes from Magnolia (later Soulja) Slim.