Producer: Mannie Fresh
Album: 400 Degreez
Label: Cash Money/Universal

Rocking a completely distinctive, almost spoken-word style, Juvenile shocked the world with his breakout hit. It's a perfect and completely unique rap song from New Orleans' most accomplished ambassador. And while it wasn't the first New Orleans rap hit to cross over—Master P's No Limit family beat him to the punch—"Ha" and its jaw-dropping video clip provided many with the first unfiltered glance at the city's projects, culture, and musical style, almost completely unhinged from the expectations of traditional hip-hop. It also launched a string of Cash Money chart dominators that would remain for more than a decade to follow. (Though it's hard to imagine polished pop rappers like Drake and Nicki Minaj as even loose descendents of Juve's lo-fi and uncompromising rhymes.)