Producer: Dani Kartel
Album: Juve the Great
Label: Cash Money/Universal

Before he was shot and killed on the eve of Thanksgiving in 2003, Soulja Slim could've very well been on his way to being a legitimate mainstream rap star. After years of building a cult following, he had crafted "Slow Motion," a stripper's anthem made mournful by its haunting horn stabs. His death magnified that atmosphere when Juvenile added his own verses and tacked the track to his Juve the Great project in Slim's tribute. The gesture took the record and the deceased rapper to unforeseen heights—"Slow Motion" became the first New Orleans rap record to top the U.S. pop charts (and only, unless you count Lil Waynes "Lollipop," which you shouldn't because it's all sung through Autotune—it remains the only rap record from the city to do so to this day). Its success was a bittersweet eulogy for New Orleans' fallen rap hero.