Producer: Mannie Fresh
Album: 400 Degreez
Label: Cash Money

Where some hip-hop artists consider age a weakness, Mannie Fresh has always used it to his advantage. Already an New Orleans rap elder at the dawn of his crossover success, Mannie was able to use his cross-generational experience to balance traditional musicality and an old-school hip-hop sensibility with the current sound of New Orleans radio (which, at that moment, was on the verge of becoming the dominant national hip-hop sound). With "Back That Azz Up" Mannie Fresh recreates the "Triggerman" stabs and drum sequence from scratch and adds an air of nouveau riche sophistication to the bounce sound by way of dramatic synth strings. Repurposing the all-too-simple premise of a popular DJ Jubilee chant—"Back That Thang Up"—Juvenile puts on a clinic on high-level party rap presence. But it's a young star in the making, Lil Wayne, who steals the show with his closing "drop it like it's hot" chants. The track was an instant hit and catapulted Cash Money and all of its participants into the upper echelons of rap superstardom.

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