Producer: D Weezy
Album: Across the Water
Label: Take Fo

A West Bank teen and little brother of one-time No Limit signee Choppa, Baby Boy Da Prince was launched into the surprisingly large lexicon of great NO one-hit wonders with "The Way I Live." Though the Boosie-assisted track was catchy enough to slip undetected amongst 2006's ringtone rap class, it also speaks to hometown pride, recalling the childlike synths of Ricky B's '90s bounce hit "Shake for Ya Motherfuckin Hood." Baby Boy's accompanying (and only) full-length Across the River flew under the radar for most, but it was a very dope and very New Orleans–sounding effort, throwing back to the late '90s heyday of Cash Money. It even included a semicover of his predecessor MC Thick's early tribute to their neighborhood, "Marrero."