Heltah Skeltah f/ Vinia Mojica “Therapy” (1996)

Produced by: Baby Paul of Da Beatminerz

Sean Price: “Me and Rock were in his mom’s crib bugging, drinking, and smoking. We would smoke weed everywhere, we just happened to be in his crib that day. We came up with the idea and we wrote it right there in his bedroom. We went and did it a few days later.

“Rock’s mother is mean. She stretches her M’s when she talks, so when she calls you a ‘motherfucker’ you’re gonna remember it. But I’m the only one that could really make her laugh so I was special. And my moms and his moms were friends, so I got away with more stuff than his average friend would. But at the same time, she could put hands on me and my moms wouldn’t say nothing.

“She wasn’t [cool with us smoking] at first, but once we got record deals and were responsible young men, it was like, ‘Great, smoke. It’s all good. At least I know you guys ain’t out there doing something stupid.’ And we could pay her bills. [Laughs.]

“I ain’t never had no therapy before on some talk to a brother type shit. I don’t even believe in that. Fix your own shit up. How I gotta pay somebody to tell me, ‘Well, what you need to do is...’? No. I don’t believe in that shit.

“That’s why I’m the fucked up doctor [on the song]. Like, I’ma tell you some wild shit. If you listen to the beginning of Eminem’s Relapse where he’s like, ‘Yeah, you don’t have to stop doing drugs.’ [Laughs.] It’s like that.”