Black Milk f/ Pharaohe Monch, Sean Price, & DJ Premier “The Matrix” (2008)

Produced by: Black Milk, scratches by DJ Premier

Sean Price: “One time there was a song that Hex Murda, Black Milk, and Guilty Simpson’s manager wanted me to get on. It was supposed to be Ras Kass, Royce Da 5’9", Elzhi, and Black Milk. I’m like, ‘I’m not getting on that fucking record B.’ I shut that down because those ain’t MC’s, they’re super rappers. I was like, ‘Them super rapping ass niggas, they not killing me on a record, you can forget about it. I’m on a roll right now, I don’t wanna win the bronze metal. No way I’m doing a song with all these fucking guys.’

“The next song was was me, Black, and Pharoahe Monch. Like, I’ll do a song with each of those guys, but it’s gonna be just me and them. You’re not gonna jump me with Elzhi and Ras Kass. Like, Elzhi is the best rapper in the world and there’s no fucking way I’m doing records with all of y’all at just one time. I feel that way about Pharoahe too, but if it’s just me and Pharoahe and Black, I’m like, ‘Aight, I can do this. That one is cool.’

“Pharoahe did what I expected him to do so I just started dragging my knuckles on the floor, punch, shoot, stab, kill, smoke, sniff, pass the pills. [Laughs.] I kept it real simple and it worked, but it was a good song though. I used to pop a lot of e-pills, but I’m on new drugs now. You’ll see when you listen to the album.”