Sean Price “The Brokest Rapper You Know” (2005)

Produced by: Ty Deals

Sean Price: “That’s a true story. I was living off the land like John Rambo. I was a pretty bad father, pretty bad person all-around. I was fucked up in the game, no money. Rock had a solo deal, I had nothing. The plan was for Rock to go solo, jump on a few hit songs, and help Heltah Skeltah get a new deal. That was the plan, but it didn’t work out that way for whatever reason. I was forced to go solo. [Laughs.]

“I was definitely the brokest rapper. [Laughs.] I was selling drugs and two-way Motorolas. Word to mother—ask Dru—no bullshit. I can’t even get into it. I don’t wanna because the guy is in jail right now. So, I can’t really talk too much, but we had a scam going on. [Laughs.]

“Actually, after ‘The Brokest Rapper You Know’ I had some successful years. I’ve been pretty good with my money so far, I haven’t been completely assed out. I know a couple of rappers that are broker than me and they walk up on me like, ‘Yo son, I’m the brokest rapper you know.’ I’m like, ‘Great.’ I don’t want that title. That’s not something I’m proud of bro.

“It’s like, damn I kinda made it cool for people to say they broke now, I made it cool to keep it real. Like, ‘Yo son, I’m the brokest rapper!’ I’m like, ‘Yes you are! Great, you can keep that shit.’ That wasn’t a gimme, that was the truth. So if you wanna run with that, you got that. I christened you the new brokest rapper motherfucker. Please, I don’t wanna to do part two. Please. It was a tough time but I made it work for me.”