Heltah Skeltah “The Art of Disrespeckinazation” (2008)

Produced by: Khrysis

Sean Price: “I think me and son wilded out on that record. That was my beat, I was gonna use it for Mic Tyson. We were going through so many beats that I finally let it go and Rock was like, ‘You been had this shit?’ I was like, ‘Yeah.’ He looked like he wanted to choke the life outta me. So I had them bars and ideas already.

“We were going back and forth cause on Nocturnal and Magnum Force, Rock and I had verses, but we didn’t have a lot of back and forth. So I wanted to do a lot of that on that album. We did that and it turned out wild. We were talking about fucking Rihanna, about Lil Mama and how her lip gloss is gonna end up on my dick, and all that shit. We were just saying a bunch of crazy shit, but it was fun.

But then shit came back to haunt me because I was like, ‘Yo, you had that nasty ass Ed Hardy sweater on.’ Then I got some painted Ed Hardy jeans for Christmas and somebody gave my daughter an Ed Hardy pajama set. Like, this is so fucked up right now. [Laughs.] And it was my wife who got me the jeans, what up Bernadette. And real Ed Hardy jeans are very expensive too, I’m not gonna lie.”