Sean Price “Ruckdown” (2009)

Produced by: The Tuneheads

Sean Price: “I just was a fan of that Uncle Murda beat ‘Running The City.’ So, I was working on the tape and I’m like, ‘Fuck that, I’m running the label now.’ I started feeling like the franchise and you know every superhero needs his theme music, so that was it. I just found the beat and what Uncle Murda did I flipped.

“Murda was like, ‘Tell the radio dudes I’m running the city now.’ So I was like, ‘Tell Dru, I’m running the label now.’ Big up to Uncle Murda, ‘Running the City’ was hard. I’m surprised it didn’t do more than what it did. He had that and another record out called ‘Bullet’ and I guess ‘Bullet’ worked for him and ‘Running the City’ didn’t. But I liked ‘Running the City’ better.

“That shit was hard to me so I had to get the instrumental from him. He rocked in the same studio that I rocked in so I was like, ‘Murda, let me get that instrumental, please!’ And he got it to me and I flipped it over.

“The song was my idea, but the video was just like, ‘Fuck it, let’s do this.’ We just did it on a whim. It wasn’t really a big deal. I had a bullshit camera in there and everybody acted the way they normally act, but I was the boss. I fired what’s his name because his sneakers was wrong. I promoted Dirty out the mail room. I said tell the girl to give me another straw so I could sniff coke. Pretty much what I would do if I ran the label. [Laughs.]”

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