Agallah f/ Sean Price & Bazaar Royale “Rising To the Top” (2001)

Produced by: Agallah

Sean Price: “That actually was for my demo. Agallah was working on my demo. We would go up to Game Records get fucked up, and knock songs out all the time. We knocked that song out and I had my little son Eli with me, he’s like sixteen now. But he was there at the time and I was like, ‘Talk.’ And he was like, ‘Sean P! Yeaaah!’ And me and Agallah went in and did the thing. I thought it was just another song on my demo that I was working on. But then Ag had the relationship with Game Records.

“Rock Star Games asked John Scheter for some music for Grand Theft Auto and he gave him that song along with a few others. That was one of the stand out tracks off that. And that was one of the first songs that was [part of] the Sean P comeback. That song to this day is still talked about. And my son got bragging rights on there. I’m glad I did it and I’m glad I had my son on there. He gets his little stardom, little shine off that too.”