Sean Price “Like You” (2007)

Produced by: 10 for the Triad

Sean Price: “Big up my man Ill Will. That was my man Will’s rhyme. I asked him, ‘Can I use that for a chorus?' I just liked it. He was like, ‘Yeah.’ Will ain’t even in Boot Camp, that’s just one of my friends from the Langston Hughes projects. But, if we in the studio, Rock might say something and I might be like, ‘Yo, say it that way.’ I wouldn’t necessarily give him a line. Even with 'Leflaur Leflah Eshkoshka' like the, ‘Why oh why, did I need cappuccino strong,’ that was my line. But, he was like, ‘Yo son, let me say it.’ ‘Aight, say it.’

“It’s like a group effort man to make the best song. I would never go in an interview like, ‘I wrote your shit nigga.’ Nah, it ain’t that serious. I give you a line, you give me a line. We’ve done that working with me, Slim, and Agallah. Me and Agallah do that all the time, but we don’t necessarily write your whole verse. We might find two lines for you like, ‘Nah, say it this way.’ If it makes sense, do it but I ain’t gonna take no credit for it. It’s not like that.

“I’m the worse with hooks so I’ll do a bunch of songs and then I’ll call in my guys like, ‘Yo, I need some choruses man.’ And literally, I’ll call Tek, Steele, Buck, Rock. [Laughs.] In the middle of the session I’ll be like, ‘Yo, I need a hook man.’ I’m the worst when it comes to hooks, so sometimes I’ll say them, sometimes they’ll say them.”