Sean Price f/ Rock “King Kong” (2007)

Produced by: Khrysis

Sean Price: “That could’ve been on Monkey Barz. Khrysis played the beat and I was like, ‘Fuck outta here.’ [I heard the beat later and] I called him when I was working on the next album. He was like, ‘Motherfucker I gave that to you last time!’

“I had some success off of Monkey Barz and in the middle of it I just decided [to do another album.] Like, Dru didn’t say, ‘Yo, album two.’ Nobody did. I was just like, ‘Yo, send me down South to Raleigh-Durham. I wanna go down South and start working on the new shit.’ He was like, ‘Aight.’ I went down there for a week and came back with twelve songs. Simple as that. And the first song I did on the album was ‘Stop’ and the second one was that one right there. I just wanted to get busy.”

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