Sean Price “Angel Dust” (2010)

Produced by: Malcolm Cecil

Sean Price: “I never did a full song of that. One day, I was just in a Gil Scott-Heron mood. I was listening to some records and ‘Angel Dust’ came on and I wrote a verse to it. I wrote it and laid it down. There wasn’t nothing to it. It don’t really got no meaning to it. I threw on that New Jack City part because he was talking about angel dust, they coincide so it just made sense to do that.

“That line is true when I said, ‘I always do the math, I was raised by number runners.’ My mother and grandmother were number runners. That’s how I grew up in my life, with a house full of number runners. There’s a movie with James Earl Jones called Claudine. I had a fake Claudine life. Like, we were on welfare but if you’re over at my crib my mom and grandmother got number spots. Our house was extra decked out and niggas used to come over like, ‘Yo, you rich?’ And I would be like, ‘I ain’t rich, I live in the projects.’

“We had two cars at one time, furnished floor rugs, and mirrors. You know, that ‘70s look, plastic covers on the couch. I was always decked out clean, fresh. No money worries like that. Probably big money worries like if I wanted to go to college, we didn’t have that. But if I needed a car, I could get that. Or if I needed the latest IRs I could get that. So I grew up pretty nice.”