Produced by: RZA

Prodigy: “I was locked up with my Spanish homies and they were all talking about Pun. So I was like, ‘Yeah, I’ve got a song with Pun called ‘Tres Leches.’’ And my niggas just started falling out laughing, talking about, ‘That shit is called ‘Three Milks?’ Why you got a song called ‘Three Milks?’’ I didn’t even know that shit was called ‘Three Milks!’ I started thinking about it like, ‘Why the fuck is that shit called three milks?’ That shit was kind of bugged the fuck out. I wish Pun was alive, so I could ask the nigga. I just thought the shit sounded cool. I thought that shit meant ‘Three Boroughs’ or something.

“Pun was like a prankster, a jokester. He was a funny motherfucker. We had gotten real close after making that song. We used to hang out at his crib, go to clubs together, just to hang out and get bent. Pun really loved Mobb Deep. We were like one of his favorite groups of all time.

“One night we were up in his crib in the Bronx, it was me and a couple of my boys. Pun was showing me his gun. He had a P57 and there was like 15 other people in his crib, all Terror Squad niggas. Pun would be like. ‘Yo, show P your gun,’ and one of them would pull out. Then another one would pull out like, ‘Yo, P look at this one. Look at this one P.’

“At the end there was like 16, 17 guns out around me. Everybody was showing me what kind of hammer they had. So when everybody had their gun out, Pun looked at me like, ‘Let us see your gun P.’ I was like ‘Yo, I left my shit in the car nigga.’ Pun was just like ‘Yeah, see. We got the drop on you right now. We could just flip on you right now.’ He was like, ‘Don’t ever do that shit. Keep your gun on you nigga.’ I was like ‘No doubt son.’ [Laughs.]

“That shit just felt kind of crazy. All them guns out and I ain’t have my shit on me. I left my shit in the car because it felt disrespectful to bring my gun in somebody’s house. Ever since then, I always remembered that shit. I always keep my hammer on me and shit. Pun might have been the reasons I caught my gun case. [Laughs]”