Produced by: Havoc

Prodigy: “After a year Havoc was like, ‘Yo son we need a single for Murda Muzik.’ We had been working on Murda Muzik at the same time I was working on my solo album. Hav was like, ‘We got some good songs, but we need that song.’ I said, ‘That’s for my solo album, nigga you ain’t getting that song. Let me get my little shine on nigga. Murda Muzik already got hot shit.’ He goes, ‘Nah nigga. That song is too fire nigga. You gotta give that to Mobb Deep.’

“I said, ‘Aight.’ But I was reluctant. That was my single for H.N.I.C. and I didn’t want to give it up. Finally, Chris Lighty convinced me. He was like, ‘We got radio rotation in different states now and it’s not even a single yet. It’s not even mixed yet. That shit is getting played in the club so you gotta give that song up.’ So, I ended up giving that record up to Mobb Deep and we put Hav and Little Kim on it and that’s how we did that.

“The song was so hot in the club and when you think of the club you think of girls, partying, sex, drugs, and alcohol. So we were like, ‘Yo, we need a female element on this.’ So we got in touch with Kim who wasn’t really hot at that time. So when we put her on there, that brought Kim back to life. That shit really gave her life again because she was kind of down at the time after Biggie—God bless the dead—died.