Produced by: Exile

Prodigy: “That song came about from 50 Cent. [He sent it to us] and it was just the chorus, beat, and his verse. I heard where he was like, ‘If I go to hell, and you make it to heaven/Just get me to the gate and I’ll talk my way in.’ It was being real cocky, laughing at the organized religion, and seeing how false a lot of that shit is.

“I wrote my verse based on the fact that we were brought over here as slaves from Africa. Over in our motherland, we had our own connection with the creator. There was no such thing as Bibles. The Bible is something Europeans created. When we were brought over here, they shoved that down our throats and they said, ‘This is your God and this is what you believe in.’ My verse is shitting on that God and shitting on that story. A lot of people didn’t understand that. They just thought, ‘Yo, what the fuck is P talking about?’ How I took it, it’s like, ‘That’s not my God. My God is something different.’

“I can say, ‘Fuck all that,’ because that’s not what I believe in. I’ve got my own spiritual connection, just like we did before we were brought over here as slaves. A lot of our ancestors were murdered and raped as slaves. So basically, that’s what that song was about. I was letting out my rage against that.”

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