Produced by: Ez Elpee

Prodigy: “That was a song we made in the crib and basically we were just riding along to the beat. The beat said ‘Getaway’ so we were forming our verses around that. That was an easy song to write because all we had to do was say things and then the next line was ‘Getaway.’ After we did that, a lot of people kind of bit that style that Hav created. Anybody that you hear with a sample where they’re talking back to the sample, they got that from ‘Getaway.’

“Look at the rhyme style Hav used on the song ‘Pray For Me’ with Lil Mo on the Infamy album. That’s the first time that anyone has ever rhymed like that in the history of rap music. You’ll never find nothing before that and people started biting that style afterwards. Hav is trend setter with a lot of styles. Like, singing choruses. Hav started that back in ‘97, ‘98. Adding static to make a beat sound like dirty, dusty records are playing, Hav started that. He’s definitely a trend setter. I could run down the line of things that Hav started. And he don’t even talk about that kind of shit. He doesn’t even care.”

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