As you’ve probably already heard, the other day we finally killed Osama Bin Laden. Yay America! (Also, thank you Based God?) Bin Laden may have spent the last decade as America’s Public Enemy Number 1, but he was also one of your favorite rapper’s favorite people to reference in rhymes. See, after 9/11 everyone was talking about the Al Qaeda leader and for rappers everywhere he became an easy name to drop whenever you wanted to mention bombs, blowing things up, ultraviolent shit, and general terrorist activity.

That’s why over the past ten years or so, dozens of rappers name-dropped Osama Bin Laden—often times in a lazy way (Oh really? Osama rhymes with Obama? We had no idea!). So to celebrate a job well done by our Navy SEALS, we decided we decided to look at some well-done rhymes that refer to Bin Laden in a non-cliche way with The 10 Best Osama Bin Laden Lyrical References. USA! USA! USA!

Written by Insanul Ahmed (@Incilin), Andre Grant (@DreJones), & Julian Pereira (@Broadway_Jay).

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