Little Brother “The Way You Do It” (2003)

9th Wonder: “Phonte came up with the concept for ‘The Way You Do It’ early on. A friend I’ve known for about 20 years, Nora Shorte, was in town during that session. She has a very lovely voice, so we tried to get her on the record. So she’s on ‘The Yo Yo,’ ‘The Way You Do It,’ and ‘Home.’

”What happened was, we recorded ‘The Way You Do It’ with ten people in the room. All of them sitting against the wall and couch in Missie Ann. We recorded ‘The Way You Do It,’ and ‘The Yo Yo’ back to back. Then we walked over to North Carolina State, because Missie Ann was walking distance from the school. We went there to see Phonte, because he was there for a battle. He won that battle, then we got back home, and finished recording that joint that night. [Laughs.]”

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