Big Pooh f/ Joe Scudda & Median "Scars" (2005)

9th Wonder: "You’re talking about Sleepers. Yeah, that 'Scars' joint, man. Pooh was at my house when I made it and he took it right off the press. That’s what cats would do, they would take beats right off the skillet. I make it, and then seconds later they'll say, ‘It’s mine.’

”He got it and then put Median and Joe Scudda on it. That’s one of my favorite beats too. We were working on Pooh's album at the time, and 'Scars' was meant to be on Sleepers all day.

”But 'Heart Of The City' was something we actually recorded right after The Listening. That record was actually sitting around for a bit. We recorded that around the same time we recorded 'Light It Up' with Nicolay.

”I remember we had some issues trying to figure out how to tie the whole album together, but we were eventually able to get everything set with all those skits from Insomnia and School Daze."

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