Lloyd Banks "One Night Stand" (2006)

9th Wonder: "That was the record that forged my relationship with Sha Money XL. He reached out to me and once again I didn’t expect it coming from him. And it’s a record that they decided to keep, and I thought it was dope. He hit me up, and he played the beat and asked, ‘Yo, does anyone have this beat?’ I said, ‘Nah.’ He was like, ‘Word up! That’s all I need to know right now.’ *Click* [Laughs.]

I wasn’t in the studio with Lloyd Banks and to this day I’ve never met him. I saw my name on 106 & Park because I was on the album, but I’ve never met the dude. I do remember making the beat in Fruity Loops. It’s a Carolyn Franklin sample I used. Just one of those days making beats, man."

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