Buckshot "No Comparison" (2005)

9th Wonder: "It was crazy because I was standing besides Dru Ha outside the Duck Down van and Buckshot was standing on the other side. And I was like, 'Dru, I want do an album with Buckshot.' And Dru said, ‘Go ask him.’

”Now Buckshot is one of my favorite rappers of all-time. I'm a super-huge Black Moon fan. Black Moon and Wu-Tang Clan were two crews that...I don’t know what dudes like now, but you know how Roc-A-Fella was? Or remember how dudes wanted to be in Dipset real badly? Wu-Tang Clan was like that for dudes when I was in college. We really had Timbs and wanted to be in the Boot Camp Clik.

"It took us five days to record Chemistry. I made some of those beats beforehand, but overall ain’t a lot of time to waste in North Carolina, man. It’s not like we’re in the woods, but it’s not a big entertainment hub so if you can’t get work done out here I don’t know what you’re doing with your life.

"'Chemistry 101' was the intro record, and it showcases how I wanted to capture the sound of Boot Camp, but still be me. That’s what that [record] was and that’s what that whole album was.

"My favorite record off that album was 'No Comparison' by far. Man, that’s one of my favorite beats I’ve ever done. That's the embodiment of a 9th-Wonder-sounding beat because if gives you that tingle in your chest.

"When the album came out, it was crazy. Marc Ecko did the covers, and it was somewhat his signature mural. I thought that was crazy. I was just happy that I could say, 'Wow, I did a whole record with Buckshot, yo.'"