9th Wonder: "When we started doing The Minstrel Show, a lot of recording duties went to Khrysis. My schedule at the time was a bit hectic, and I wanted Khrysis to be part of it to be honest with you.

”It forged the relationship between him and Phonte for Foreign Exchange, because I recorded half of the first Foreign Exchange album, and Khrysis recorded the Foreign Exchange album after that, which was Leave It All Behind.

”'Lovin' It' is one of the two records off The Minstrel Show I actually recorded. That was a very short session. Jay-Z actually liked the beat for it. But 'Lovin' It' was a record that Phonte thought at the time would be our single. And it turned out that way.

"We weren't really liking the way the major label was operating, but it wasn’t a big deal to us. We once again weren’t looking for it, and it is what it is, man. We didn’t really care because we never expected it."

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