9th Wonder f/ Mos Def, Memphis Bleek, & Jean Grae "Brooklyn In My Mind" (2007)

9th Wonder: "I finally got to work with Mos Def. I was at Baseline Studios, and Mos came in one day, and just got in the booth and started rapping. This was around the time we were mixing The Minstrel Show. Jean Grae was actually there, so she did her part. Bleek did his stuff later.

"I called it 'Crooklyn Dodgers Vol. 3.' I actually asked Primo for permission, and he said, 'Yeah.' He even did the cuts on it. I just listened to the original and Primo's version a lot before I went in and made it. I didn't feel any pressure to top Primo's version or anything like that. Once I got the 'okay' from Preme, I felt like it was good."

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