Little Brother f/ Lil Wayne "Breakin' My Heart" (2007)

9th Wonder: "I can’t tell you that much about that record. That was a record that I gave to the boys and they put Wayne on it and that’s all I know. I wasn’t in the studio for that. I don’t know anything about that record.

"I didn’t depart from the group and that’s something that I still don’t talk about. You've never heard me talk about that. What I said was that during the making of The Minstrel Show, I wasn’t recording, and within the context of the group people just grew apart.

”The guys have talked about it during the time that we were going through what we were going through. Me? I haven't done it to the press. I spoke about it amongst family and friends, but in the press I have not. I still don’t talk about it and me and Phonte are cool now."