9th Wonder: "Sky first recorded 'Beautiful Decay' to a Pete Rock beat. Then DJ Premier took a stab at it. Then Sky was like, 'I just want you to try,' and that's the one we kept. I just took the acapellas he had, and wasn't in the session with him for that. As far as the beat, I wanted something kind of upbeat and I didn't want to sample the dude too much because if it's a single, I didn't want to lose anybody.

”I hooked up with Sky through Chaundon. He brought Sky to the studio and he was like, ‘You got to check this kid out.’ And at first some of the records that he played for me I really didn’t like. I didn’t think the flow was right, but it was early Skyzoo. Very early. Then later on he jumped on a record for The Dream Merchant Vol. 2 and I thought, ‘This can’t be the same kid on this record. There’s no way.’ But some people grow like that.

"I remember doing the beat for 'Under Pressure,' and Jay-Z really liked it. But he never got on it, and I played it for Sky, and he really dug it. 'Easy to Fly' was one of those beats I started to put drum tracks in the back, like it was a break beat. I started doing beats with break beats in the back of them.

”I think that could have been a bigger record if it would have had a larger push on it. But we ain’t got that time. Cats are really lucky that the playing fields are not even. It is not, and they know it. And I know they capitalize off that.”