Lil B f/ Jean Grae & Phonte "Base For Your Face" (2011)

9th Wonder: "The Based God. He hit me through DM on Twitter. And we had a phone conversation and he’s a smart dude. Very smart. Intelligent. He knows what he’s doing. When you can have a bunch of people talking about you on a day-to-day basis like that, and make them wonder, 'Why is he doing that?' Then you know exactly what you’re doing.

"He just wanted a beat from me. And it was after a conversation, when he told me the reasons. I was like, 'Dawg, why you do those wack records?’ I asked him straight up. And he gave me his reasons, but that’s between me and him. The point of the matter is, I understand his reasons and he told me the reason he was telling me was because of who I was. He didn’t have to explain his reasons to his fans and the people who don’t like him, but he wanted to explain his reasons to me because he wanted to pay homage.

"I didn't have to convince Jean Grae or Phonte. I sent them the beat, they liked it, and they liked his rhymes. It just shows how society is. He has records on YouTube with like 45,000 views, and he's spitting in those. But the dumb joints he has out there get like two to three million clicks. Does that say something about him? Or does that say something about the society?"

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