Little Brother “Away From Me” (2003)

9th Wonder: “The only song from The Listening we didn’t record from Missie Ann was ‘Away From Me.’ We recorded that with our manager at the time in Durham. I remember recording that song at 3 a.m., September 11, 2001. No lie, no joke. We recorded the song, we thought it was dope, and I went to Phonte’s house to stay over.

“My girlfriend at the time, who is now my wife, had just graduated from North Carolina State, and went back to live in her hometown. We had a little girl at the time, and she decided to get a job and said, ‘I’ll give you a chance to do this music thing.’ So at the end of ‘Away From Me,’ you’ll hear me talking to my little girl. When I say, ‘Say something boo boo, say something else,’ that’s her. She’ll be 11 years old in November. And at the time, Phonte had a son who lived with his mother in Maryland. And our son and daughter are a month apart in age.

”So that song was a tough song for me to even mix because I had to mix it by myself. And it just got to me one day. But, yeah, we recorded that at three in the morning of September 11, then woke up the next day, and saw the towers falling, which was crazy.”