Franz Ferdinand “Take Me Out” (2004)

Album: Franz Ferdinand
Producer: Tore Johansson
Label: Domino
David Banner: “It’s a jam. If I could pick any type of music that I could do, it would be rock because in one song in rock you can go through seven different emotions that’ll take you seven songs in rap to go through. You could be like, ‘I love her so much, I love her. But I’m going to kill that bitch, I’m going to kill that bitch. Now she’s gone, I’m sad’ and then the song goes off. [Laughs.] Time signatures change, the beat completely switches, if I tried to do that in rap somebody would be like, ‘That’s dope but what the hell are you doing?’ There’s all those emotions in this one song. By the time I finish listening to ‘Take Me Out’ I’ve done a whole workout.”