Philadelphia-bred rapper, Cassidy, has gotten himself into a heap of trouble lately. Early Saturday morning, the rapper was surprised by the Hackensack Police Emergency Response Team of New Jersey and the police department’s juvenile bureau outside a convenient store and taken into custody.

The Hackensack Police Department was contacted and informed by the Philadelphia Police warrant squad that there was an open warrant out for Cassidy, who was considered a high risk warrant who was armed and dangerous. The two teams then congregated a plan and moved in on the rapper after tailing him from his house to the convenient store.

Not only was there a warrant out for the rapper, but Cassidy was also a suspect in a murder and two attempted murders.

Cassidy is among a handful of other artists who have had recent run-ins with the law, such as Tyler, The Creator, Gucci Mane, Flavor Flav, and Frank Ocean. Will they ever learn?


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